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Host your very own themed-trivia night from the comfort of your couch with DIY Trivia. These zip folders have everything you need to turn an ordinary get-together into themed-party to remember. #getit

DIY Trivia: The Office

DIY Trivia: The Office

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Compete against your loved ones in a DIY edition of The Office Trivia!

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What you’ll get with your download purchase:

  • A Powerpoint/Google Slides presentation that seamlessly guides the group through five themed-trivia rounds, lasting around an hour and half.

  • A how-to explanation on the game’s setup and rules.

  • Printable answer sheets.

  • The themed playlist, featuring songs from the show for background music throughout the quiz and all through the night.

  • Want to turn this trivia game into a full on themed-party? We’ve also included a one-sheet of ideas to get you started on themed-cocktails, snacks, and decorations. We’ve even added links for prizes to reward the top-scoring teammates with themed-gifts from small businesses.

What you’ll need:

  • Ability to plug your computer into a larger monitor/tv screen for all to see. Check out this Wiki-How to learn more.

  • A speaker, separate from your computer’s, to easily pause and play the provided playlist using the Spotify app on any alternate device.

  • Writing utensils- 1 per team.

  • A printer to print out answer sheets, or simply use scratch paper.